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  • Do you wish to join Assointerpreti?

    You may apply for Trainee, Candidate, or Full Membership.

    Apply for Trainee Membership if you have a specific degree and wish to acquire professional experience with the support of our members. Once you have met the specified requirements, you may apply for Candidate Membership.

    If you have already acquired experience as a conference interpreter and can give evidence of your professional competence and ethical conduct, you may apply for Candidate Membership. At the end of the candidature period, you may apply for Full Membership.

    If you are already a professional conference interpreter, you can give evidence of your professional competence, and you are already known to the members of one of the Regional Groups of Assointerpreti, you may directly apply for Full Membership.

    The Regional Groups of Assointerpreti, which have decision-making powers in terms of admissions, will decide on the acceptance or rejection of applications. All new admissions need to be raitified by the General Meeting of Assointerpreti.

    For more detailed information, contact the Head of the Regional Admissions Committee (see list below) in the region where you wish to designate your professional domicile, and read the following Admission Requirements.

    List of Heads of Regional Admissions Committees

    Admission Requirements (see Title II, Rules of Procedure)