Assointerpreti Mentoring Programme

  • A mentoring programme for new entrants into the profession.

    The Assointerpreti Mentoring Programme is a free-of-charge programme for newly graduated interpreters with no or little work experience, but with an appropriate academic background.

    The Assointerpreti Mentoring Programme is designed to bring young interpreters closer to Assointerpreti, so that they can learn about its founding principles and functioning and become aware of professional standards. At the same time, the Programme gives participants the opportunity to practise with professional interpreters so as to show and hone their skills, but also to receive feedback, advice and support in their professional choices, namely on such aspects as working conditions, code of ethics, and relations with clients and colleagues.

    The Assointerpreti Mentoring Programme includes obligations in terms of attendance and quality. It ends with a final test which, if passed successfully, will enable participants to obtain the so-called PASS from the competent Committee. With this PASS, participants can choose to continue their professional career within Assointerpreti by applying for admission as a Trainee in their region.

    Who can apply for the Assointerpreti Mentorin Programme and how?

    The Assointerpreti Mentoring Programme  is intended for recent graduates with a master’s or post-graduate degree in interpreting, or an equivalent qualification obtained abroad, which includes at least 180 hours of documented training in the specific fields  of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Recent graduatemeans any person who has obtained their academic qualification no later than two years prior to the date of application for the Assointerpreti Mentoring Programme.

    It is possible to apply for the Assointerpreti Mentoring Programme with only one language combination: mother tongue (A) and one active and passive foreign language (B). In case of unusual language combinations, or language combinations not covered by Assointerpreti Members, the possibility of participation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. In addition, the competent Committee will decide the maximum number of participants every year at its sole discretion.

    The Committee can be contacted at any time of the year to access the programme. The Committee will provide all the information on the necessary documentation, which must be submitted, completed in full, by 15 November of the current year. The address of the Committee is