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Organising a conference with interpretation
Hints for speakers

The big moment is finally here.
If they are to provide the best possible translation, however, simultaneous interpreters need your help!

Here are some tips on how you can help the interpreter do an excellent job.
- Much depends on the speed of delivery. So a speaker speed limit is a must!

Remember the interpreter has to think and speak at the same time - admittedly, something everyone can do - but within limits. Speed can often be a problem if the speaker reads a prepared presentation. Not having to elaborate thoughts extemporaneously, the reader naturally tends to speed up delivery.

So please remember: speak slowly and distinctly.

Should you have a written text that you intend to read, please remember to give a copy to the interpreters: having a copy of a presentation being read out is a useful aid for the interpreter. Ideally, if the written speech reaches the interpreter a few days before the meeting, it can be prepared in advance as well as provide invaluable background information on the conference subject matter.

If you come to the meeting with only one copy, the Conference Secretariat will be happy to make photocopies for the interpreters.

Briefing interpreters
Interpreters are always willing to listen to explanations and eager to receive assistance from speakers expert in their specific fields. Do not hesitate to brief the interpreters - your assistance will be welcome.

Once on the same wave length, speaker and interpreter can do a excellent job together!
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