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Working conditions
Simultaneous Interpretation
Two interpreters per booth and a day not exceeding 7 working hours. Fees and the number of interpreters may vary according to language numbers and combinations, working hours and subjects. An interpreter may not work alone in the boothfor more than one hour.

Consecutive Interpretation
In meetings with two working languages, you will need one interpreter for half a day, two for the whole day. The number of interpreters also depends on the language pairs you require.

Chuchotage or whispered translation
In meetings not exceeding two hours with two working languages, you will be needing one interpreter, two in all other cases. The number of interpreters will also depend on the number of languages required. Chuchotage is recommended for no more than three people at a time.

Briefing Day
A preliminary meeting to discuss the concepts, framework or terminology of theensuing meeting with your interpreters.

Hospitality and per diem
When times and transport make it unviable for your interpreter to return home/to his or her professional domicile after a day's work,you will providefull hospitality, including meals,and a single room with en-suite bathroom in a three or more star hotel. Alternatively you may pay your interpreter a per diem for every day's work with an additional allowance if they can not return home in time at the end of their day's work.

Commuting or Travel
When your interpreters can reach their work place and return home in the evening at a reasonable time, then cost refunding can be agreed on. Delays due to unexpected and unpredictable events will not be the interpreters' responsibility.

Jour chômé or In between Days
In the event of a meeting being held under the above listed condition – see Hospitality and per diem - any in-between days where interpreters are not required to work but can not return home because of time constraints, they will be paid 50% of the day's fee.

Manque à gagner
Interpreters will be paid half their fee for the day before and the day after the meeting in the event of them having to refuse other offers due to long travel time to and from the conference.

Travel Expense Refunds
Travel expenses will be refunded whenever your interpreters have to travel outside their city from their professional domicile.
Refunds will be on the basis of the interpreter's professional domicile rather than place of abode or temporary residence.

General conditions
The fee is a daily rate and can not be calculated in hours or half days.

If a confirmed booking is cancelled less than a fortnight before the job the interpreter will invoice the full fee.

Professional Ethics
Assointerpreti members are bound by professional secrecy, and nothing said in closed door meetings or unofficially in the course of the meeting will be disclosed.
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